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Healing Paradigm

I was recently asked what I mean by Mind, Body, and Soul counseling so I wanted to write a little something about my approach to therapy and how I incorporate these three things.

As a therapist my goal is to bring forth healing. I don't tie myself to any one approach to therapy because I haven't found any one kind of therapy in existence that can heal everyone.

We are all so unique. This is why no one-size-fits all diet ever works with everyone. We have different genetic makeups, environments, tempraments, ailments and lifestyles. So there is no one-size-fits-all therapy. It is unique to who you are. However, as for a paradigm for healing, there are three elements that we all have in common that are essential to address in healing.

The Mind

We all have a mind. The mind is the part of you that operates all the time, giving you information about how to eat, walk, drive a car, read a road sign, and breathe air. The mind is essential in therapy because it is where your memories are stored, your subconscious thoughts are stored and it operates your thoughts, which can often determine the direction your feelings take.

The mind is a powerful tool in therapy. But it does not work alone.

The Body

Your body is incredibly intelligent. Muscle testing is my favorite example of the intelligence of your body. There are different ways to muscle test yourself or someone else, if you have not looked into this before, I suggest doing some research of your own. It is also called applied Kinesiology.

You are not just your skin, your bones, blood, and organs. Your body is made up of energy. You are an energy body. Even though you cannot see it with your physical eyes, the fact that we are comprised of energy is now a scientifically validated truth.

Your body is a part of this energy field that surrounds you and connects you to the world. Most of the physical symptoms your body experiences, such as chronic pain, ulcers, depression, anxiety, cancers, and other forms of sickness, do not start in the physical body. They often begin outside of the body, in the energy field.

They show up as blockages, places where the energy gets stuck and cannot flow. When these blocks, or 'traumas' don't get healed while in the energy state, they then manifest in the physical body.

When blockages show up in your physical body, it is giving you the message that something is wrong. Physical symptoms are your body's way of communicating with you.

What message is your body giving you? Practice using your intuition. This is the begining of developing trust with your body. We also learn where your energy is blocked and I teach you ways of healing these blocks. This is how the body is connected to your spirit.

The Spirit

The spirit is the real essence of who you are. The same way that a flashlight cannot work without batteries, your body could not operate without your soul/spirit. The soul is what gives you life on planet Earth, your body is your space suit and your spirit is the operating person. True healing comes from your spirit. That is where you connect to a higher creator, or higher love, or God, or whatever term you prefer. That place in you is where we are all connected and that is where unconditional love derives. Love is what really heals you in the mind and in the body and this love comes from spirit.

So to do therapy without this incorporated into it, there is no real healing. The kind of healing that acknowledges the power of your spirit is the kind that takes a shorter duration for healing to occur, this means you won't be in therapy talking about the same things over the course of months and years. It also means it heals the root of the problem, so it doesn't keep coming back. This is what I mean by true healing.

The balancing of these three elements is what 'holistic healing' means.

"The cure of many diseases is unknown to physicians because...

they are ignorant of the whole.

For the part can never be well unless the whole is well."


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