Holistic Therapy for the Mind, Body, and Soul 


Feeling Anxious? Depressed? A little lost? 


There are many things changing in the world  and there is so much speculation as to what's happening, but no one really seems to be in agreement and it's hard to navigate relationships, jobs, roles, as so much seems to be shifting. 

Our minds long to understand, our hearts long to be understood and comforted and our souls long for expression. 

Is it a spiritual crisis or anxiety? Is it the Earth's energies that are making me feel tired and on edge or is it me? 

We are beings comprised of energy, and each of us has a unique purpose here on Earth, specifically designed for these changing times. 

When we have stuck energy, it is difficult, painful even, to flow with life.

I can help to remove your blocks so that you can feel more calm, clear, and empowered. 

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Tabitha Huddleston, MFT
2620 J Street Downstairs
Sacramento, Ca 95816
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