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Holistic Therapy for the Mind, Body, and Soul 


Do you feel homesick but can’t really identify where ‘home’ is exactly? 


Do you feel like a black sheep in the world or in your family? 


Do you feel like you just can’t find your place in the world, like there’s something more, but you don’t know what it is? 


Do you feel like people sometimes drain your energy? 


Welcome home beautiful one, you have a little sanctuary with me. I see you and understand just how you feel. I want for you to learn to shine your light brightly while holding sacred boundaries with others so that you can feel safe in the world. Your sensitivity is your greatest strength, learn to make it work for you.

You were born for these times, I would love to help you reveal your highest purpose in this lifetime. I can help to remove your blocks so that you can feel more calm, clear, and empowered. 

Schedule a call today. 

Tabitha Huddleston, MFT
2620 J Street Downstairs
Sacramento, Ca 95816

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