Therapy is your journey and I am here to guide you. I am very intuitive and can detect where you are getting stuck and can gently get you unstuck. Getting stuck can mean you are feeling anxious, depressed, you're having trouble sleeping, you can't quite seem to get to where you want to be in life, you don't feel happy, you can't get the relationship you want, you can't seem to make it financially, or your body hurts. This list can go on and on, there may be a lot of reasons you want to be the best or feel the best that you can be in your life. 


Hypnotherapy is a form of relaxation in which the unconscious part of your mind is accessed by going into a trance state. When your brain goes into a 'Theta' state, it is more receptive to what you tell it. So it can reprogram your subconcious mind to a program that makes you more healthy. 


Advanced Integrative Psychotherapy is a modern form of therapy in which your body is incorportated into the healing. 

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I Specialize in the following topics: 


- Trauma

  Trauma can be of many different degrees and variations. It's defined as a stressful event. This can mean something was emotionally stressful, either an acute incident (one larger occurrence) or smaller incidences that build up over a stretch of time. It can also mean something that was physically stressful, or mentally stressful. There are obvious examples of trauma, such as abuse, accidents, wars, and divorce. Some examples of things that are not so easy to recognize as trauma are: having an overly demanding boss, having mean siblings, getting bullied, or having bills you can't pay, are all examples. Trauma, if left unhealed, can affect you in ways that you don't even realize. It could be the reason you feel stuck in a cycle, or unable to move forward. It is often also the root cause of many physical conditions and pains.


- Anxiety

  Anxiety is a feeling of unease. You should feel ease in your life. Anxiety can be physical, such as heart palpitations, difficulty breathing, trembling or shakiness, stuttering, and muscle tightness. It can also be fear. Fear of people or intimacy, fear of events, fear of what might be. Fear is what keeps you back from acheiving and being all that you can be. Anxiety can be debilitating in even not so obvious ways. Anxiety is not something you should 'just live with'. 


- Depression 

  Depression can show up in a variety of ways. It can be short lived, or long lived. It can be severe or it can be something that comes and goes. There is always a reason for depression. There are no depression 'genes' that determine your state of happiness for you. Life should feel exciting, if it doesn't then there is a reason. Counseling allows you to find the reason and once you know the cause, then you can heal. 


- Spirituality

  You are a beautiful eternal spirit here at Earth school. Your spirit is vast and large and perfect. That is the real you. The body you inhabit is not the real you, it is like a space suit for Earth. Exploring spirituality leads to a peace unlike anything else you can find or experience on Earth. It is recommended for everyone. Unless you don't like peace, then it's not for you. I honor all religions and paths to God.


- Feeling "stuck"

  This applies to many people. It's like you just can't quite get to where you want to be. You feel stuck in your job. You feel stuck in your relationship or you feel stuck in finding the right relationship. You feel financially stuck, like you can't break through an invisible ceiling. You feel like you can't have the body you want, or the life you want. There are many different things that cause this feeling of being "stuck" and it is hard to identify by yourself. Counseling helps you to feel supported and directed. 








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