Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept Insurance? 

Currently I accept Magellan and MHN, and EAP services. It is your responsibility to have prior authorization and knowledge of your copayment price and number of sessions, which means you will be required to contact your insurance prior to our first session.


I can also offer you a 'superbill' to submit to your insurance provider for them to reimburse you. Usually this works with most PPO plans. It is also possible that I can charge your Health Savings account card with prior approval from your insurance provider, it is your responsibility to look into this.  


Please know, there are several advantages to paying out of pocket for your therapy. It gives you protection and control over your therapy because it denies managed care providers access to your therapy records. I am required to give you a mental health DIAGNOSIS in order for most insurances to pay for your therapy. This goes onto your PERMANENT record and can follow you around for the rest of your life. This information can potentially be used to deny you access to specific treatments or keep you from changing insurers should something have to change (such as losing your job). Sometimes managed care providers dictate how your therapy should proceed and how many sessions you are allowed, despite having little to no background in therapy processes. Inquire with me and we can work together to come up with a plan on how therapy can be affordable for you without using insurance. 


What are your fees for Service? 

My fee per 50 minute session is $130. 


How Long is each session? 

Therapy is 50 minutes long. 


When can I make an appointment? 

I see clients during the week at various times. Call to schedule an appointment.  


Do you do sessions via email, over the phone, or zoom? 

I do offer sessions over the phone and zoom, currently I do not do sessions over email. 


Do you offer after hour care? 

I currently do not offer this service and I am not available after 8pm. If you feel you need more intensive care, I can provide you with resources and/or referrals to the appropriate centers who do offer these things. 



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