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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept Insurance? 

Currently I can offer you a 'superbill' to submit to your insurance provider for them to reimburse you. Usually this works with most PPO plans. It is also possible that I can charge your Health Savings account card with prior approval from your insurance provider. 


What are your fees for Service? 

My fee per 50 minute session is $150. I do offer some sliding scale spots as well. 


How Long is each session? 

Therapy is 50 minutes long. 


When can I make an appointment? 

I see clients during the week at various times. Call to schedule an appointment.  


Do you do sessions via email, over the phone, or zoom? 

I do offer sessions over the phone and zoom, currently I do not do sessions over email. 


Do you offer after hour care? 

I currently do not offer this service and I am not available after 8pm. If you feel you need more intensive care, I can provide you with resources and/or referrals to the appropriate centers who do offer these things. 



2620 J Street Downstairs

Sacramento, Ca 95816



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